Plain Jane Flowers

Once upon a time there was a fiery auburn haired single mom of seven girls. She was determined and sassy and loved her daughters very much.

Her name is Jane and she is my grandmother. She is anything but plain. Somehow she passed so much of her wonderful character on to me – down to the very crochet hook in my hand.

Plain Jane is the market garden business at Hardda Farm. And it’s as bloomin’ awesome as my Grandma Jane herself!


We sell local, organically grown cut flowers and herbs. We share our blooms with the world through a market stand, internet sales and events. Looking for flowers? Start here.

Here are the answers to a few questions we hear at the market regularly regarding the things that set us a part. Browse these questions or watch the video embedded below from the Slow Flowers organization founded by Debra Prinzing.

Why do we grow flowers organically?

Many people think that organic growing is only about not eating pesticides. And while we do have customers who by flowers for cooking, baking and garnishing, most people wonder why on earth I would choose organic practices for cut flowers. It is so much more than that! There are whole books written on the subject, but here’s the Elli-version summary:

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are needed when there is a deficiency in the soil. In order to farm & garden sustainably (a way that we can continue without deterioration) we can’t throw chemicals on the symptoms without treating the disease. If your soil is deficient in potassium for example, it may still grow corn. But your corn will also be deficient in the missing nutrient. Healthy soil on the other hand, produces a healthy crop.


We believe in organic practices, even for our flowers because we know it’s best for the ground for the long term. We are stewards; the land is entrusted to each of us for a short time.

Why should I pay for local flowers?

The short answer is: they’re more fresh of course!

The most common answer is that it’s not environmentally wise to ship flowers from Central & South America every day. But for me, the biggest issue is the person on the other end of the flower. It’s dangerous to forget the mothers, fathers and children who produce the things we enjoy. Did they work in a safe environment? Did they get paid enough for their hard day’s work to feed their family?


By purchasing local flowers, herbs and our other services such as floristry, you’re not only making the eco-friendly choice, you’re caring for and helping a family to support themselves by doing what they love.

This is something I am passionate about. So much so, that I have literally stopped market customers who’ve bought flowers regularly from other stands and just thanked them for choosing local flowers!

Ok, enough already! Here’s the promised video. If you’re not up for the whole thing (I know! We’re all busy.) Start at the 8:35 mark and listen for a minute or two for a nice little summary and some info-graphics.