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Thanks! Have a freebie!

Thank you for subscribing to our e-mail list! You’ll hear what we’ve been up to once a week. If you’re interested in receiving e-mails about farm produce (flowers, herbs, eggs etc) when it comes available sign up here!


Here’s your little thank you gift; three options of printables to help you shop with your head and your heart. I suggest printing them small enough to fit easily into your purse or wallet. The blue one includes a few extra helpful hints. (If you sign up while the link to the blue one is broken, you’ll get an e-mail containing the PDF within the next couple days 🙂 If you’re like me and don’t want lots of clutter, I suggest you save your favorite on your phone or tablet and pull it up while you’re checking off that shopping list!

It comes in hipster:

And a simple blue:

And a fresh pink!