Gluten Free Biscuits (Dairy Free/Vegan Option)

Eating gluten free and healthy is difficult. One of the most difficult things about making the lifestyle change is that few things are quick-and-easy anymore. Sourdough can take 6+ hours to rise, plus a nice long ferment in the fridge for supreme deliciousness. Even conventional yeast breads take forethought, especially if you’re going to soak any of your flours.

Today I wanted to share a recipe that has seriously gotten me out of many a “what are we going to eat?” pinches.

“What’s for breakfast?” Um…..(Lightbulb) Biscuits!

“What are we going to eat with this delicious ham (or chicken or steaks or…) that you’ve made? I don’t see any sides.” Biscuits!

“Mama! I’m hungry for lunch.” Biscuits! And peanut butter & jelly or honey or tuna…

I should probably stop before you think realize that I’m the most forgetful person on the planet.

Biscuits are quick to throw together and quick to bake. (Sometimes gluten free breads can bake for close to an hour!!) If you’re new to gluten free baking and need something for company, this is your recipe! Also, I’ve included options for dairy free/vegan options as well. I’ve tested that version on people on the GAPS diet and they seemed super pleased! Also, if you’re new to gluten free baking or baking with me, you may want to start here. Basically, I rarely measure until I have to write it down for you folks. So don’t get locked into following it to the T. If you think your dough needs more or less of something – do it! But this is how I make them, at least once a week on average.


  • 1 1/2 c tapioca starch
  • 1 c rice flour (Brown or White)
  • 1/2 c of quinoa, millet or almond flour
  • 1 scant tsp xanthan gum or psyllium husk
  • 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 6 Tbsp lard, butter, coconut oil
  • 1 c milk, butter milk or water

Make it!

  1. Preheat oven to 425° – Let’s do this!
  2.  Combine all dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl and stir. (I use a fork – but you can choose your own weapon of choice.)
  3.  Slice butter (or other fat of choice) in to 1 Tbsp chunks and cut in with forks or pastry cutter. This makes you look like a baking boss. Honestly, my children have it down pat when to enter and say, “Can we squish it with our hands?!” Combine until it resembles the texture of course corn meal.
  4. Add liquid a little at a time while stirring. You’ll know you have enough liquid when the ingredients in the middle of the bowl are a little bit sticky/wet and there is a nice amount of dry ingredients laying on the sides. When you add in the remaining of the dry flour in the bowl, it should even out to a nice, thick dough. (Someone has to tell me if this doesn’t make sense!)
  5. Roll your dough out on a clean counter. I’ve lowered my self to just squishing it down until it’s somewhere between an inch and an inch and a half.
  6. Use a jar ring for a narrow mouth mason jar to cut out biscuits. These are delicious baked on a well seasoned stone, but any baking sheet will do. My husband broke my stone so I’ve been using a cast iron pizza pan. Arrange them nice and cozy, almost touching.
  7. Start checking them at 12 minutes. Remove when they are starting to turn golden-brown on top.
  8. You absolutely have to try the first one drowning in butter. After that, you can pour on the gravy or jelly to your heart’s content!
Buttery goodness!

Once you get the hang of it, you can get these puppies in the oven in like two minutes flat. Walk away and do something useful (or restful, after all you are busy baking) and wah-lah! You da gluten free baking masta!

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