How we hygge – without getting fat

Are you familiar with the term hygge? There’s kind of a craze going on. If you aren’t familiar, read my first post about it here real quick.

In short, hygge is a Danish term that refers to cozying in and enjoying the winter for what it is. Surrounding yourself with winter beauty is also a must. Winter doesn’t have to be a time just for waiting for spring to come! It really can be enjoyable.

In last year’s post, I was all about snuggling under blankets, crafting and reading good books. But to update you, the funniest thing happened. While I made wintry dishes and sipped tea, pumped out handicrafts and read George MacDonald I also managed to get a little…chunky.

Yep. I put on some winter stores. I didn’t really think anything of it while I was in cozy winter mode. But when spring came, oh believe me I noticed. I just figured that having kids and a farm to take care of would even everything out.

Not so much.

Why am I so out of breath preparing garden beds?

I swear these shorts fit when I put them away last year.

Hmmm…this swimsuit isn’t looking so fantastic either.

Then it dawned on me. I hadn’t put on a ton of weight, but I had let my lungs turn into sissies and my muscles turn into cake. Whoops. It wasn’t a great way to start out our summer which turned out to be – ahem – trying and physically demanding.

Well, this year we (meaning I, but I drag everyone else with me) have learned our lesson. So here’s an updated list for rocking your hygge without breaking the scale:

  • Do slow down and appreciate the season.
  • Don’t completely neglect your social life. Take this time to connect one on one or with a small group of friends over a warm beverage.
  • Lower the lights and light some candles. Christmas lights are a decent alternative if candles are out of the question.
  • Practicing yoga/meditation can be especially enjoyable in a hygge atmosphere!
  • Bring in seasonally appropriate nature. Pine boughs, mistletoe toe, holly, or whatever is alive in your area. Pine cones or winter floral arrangements are also good options.
  • Take a walk. Just because the flowers aren’t blooming doesn’t mean you won’t find plenty of beauty on a wintry walk.
  • Add fluff. Handmade blankets, pillows & socks – anything cozy and beautiful!
  • Take time to exercise. This can also head off seasonal depression, cabin fever and of course prevent packing on too much built-in insulation. Ski, snowshoe or workout inside. Even building a snowman with some small humans (your own or borrowed ones) is better than being a couch potato!
  • Unplug. Connect with a person, a book or even a pet. Just don’t connect to wi-fi.

This has honestly been the most enjoyable winter I can remember. (And that’s saying a lot because I’m currently pregnant. I HATE being pregnant.) Try some of our tips (a bunch more here) and definitely share some of yours with us!


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