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Farming in Winter – just a few superglue problems

I’m incredibly grateful for the life I live. I have more blessings than I can even handle right now. We don’t have days like today very often – but occasionally it happens.

When 10 am hasn’t even arrived and I’m ready for bedtime…and wine. Is it too early for wine? Oh wait, I’m pregnant. Shucks.

Pottery mugs on plywood giant pegboard in my Scandinavian modern kitchen

So I pour a cuppa into my sexy new mug. Buuuut my firstborn proceeds to tip it over and break the mug in the process.

You know, one of those days.

Maybe yours doesn’t start with hauling buckets to defrost spigots. And maybe you don’t have to plug, unplug, replug, find another one, and plug in extension chords (only to find out later from oh-so-smarter-than-me husband that the breaker just tripped) so the poultry doesn’t freeze to death. But I bet you have those $&@! happens kind of days.

So what a girl to do? So far most of my effort has gone into NOT freaking out on the innocent bystanders who don’t realize I have a stomach ache and a water trough full of ice. But really, what’s the right response?

So I set to thinking about it; because thinking is what I do. I know that I tend to get emotional when things aren’t going right with the animals and/or the garden.

A very cold Jersey cow in the snow. Wish she didn’t have an ear tag.

Are the cows going to die between now and the time I get their tank heaters fixed and the spigot thawed? No.

Are the chickens really going to freeze to death? Not yet. My husband/farm-boy/dread-pirate extraordinaire solved that blonde moment for me. (Thaaank yooouuuu.)

Sometimes it’s for real. Sometimes people are dying, houses burn down and freaking out is less unreasonable. Superglue, common sense and a little of that hard work that I actually love will solve all of the day’s problems for me. And if they couldn’t, freaking out is unfortunately still not the right answer.

So for those of you who can’t superglue your day back together, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that sorry that for a quick second I thought that my problems were real problems. Instead, I’ll pray that you’re encouraged and have what you need to make it through, hopefully sans freak out. But how about we just forgive you if you do?

Well, I feel a little better now. I hope you have peace on this very wintry day! Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, then please have peace on this summer day!


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  1. Stomach ache, freezing winter, pregnant mama!!! Praying blessings upon you!

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