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On mud-slinging and tough times

If you were my mother, you’d be saying “Where have you been young lady?”

Hi Mom!!!

And then I would promptly and eloquently give you the following reasons (excuses) for my absence.

Well to begin with, I didn’t have a lot of positive things to say. The reality is that this summer was a difficult one. And I would have loved to just relate to you while I was in it, but much of it involved other people. I wouldn’t have been able to tell my tale without slinging mud. No body likes a mud-slinger. (Or at least nobody should enjoy hucking negativity back and forth.) And I didn’t yet know how to find the beauty in it, which after all is the purpose of this blog.


Second, things got…busy. Not just regular the-garden-has-weeds-busy, as if I should’ve just been more disciplined. But like two jobs plus a house project busy (for Nic) and picking up the pieces of what’s leftover for me. Even important things got put aside and we pretty much just survived.

And third, but best of all, is that we had a secret. Yup, the usual secret. We’re expecting another baby this spring. We’re delighted and excited and it has been one of my better pregnancies so far. I’m not a very good secret keeper when it comes to my own. In fact I’m more of an oversharer. So in order to hang on to it this time around I opted for silence as the safest way.

Lakeside pregnancy announcement photo - fourth baby!

But since I love writing, I love the lifestyle we’ve chosen and I love my farm; I’m back.

Here are some things going on that will hopefully make their way to your inbox:

-House updates!! Our house is in the finishing phase, though it feels like almost everything is always another step away from being done. We’re living in it, but it’s still a little bit like roughing it in the camper. The kitchen is half done. There’s a tub in one bathroom and a toilet in the other. But it’s looking absolutely GORGEOUS already. I look at my hubby everyday and can’t believe he’s building me my dream home. Talk about feeling loved! Hopefully he’ll also get some things on the YouTube channel, which has fared amazingly well while we’ve been AWOL.

-Some DIY tutorials. I mean we’ve built everything in this house from scratch accept the appliances and fixtures. So hopefully we can share some how-to posts.

Jersey cow and steer calf chewing their cud in the morning sun.

-The adventures of getting our cow bred. If you farm, you know what I mean. (Insert eye roll here.)

-Plans for our cut flower business for the 2018 season. Let’s just say my eyes may be bigger than my expanding belly will be able to manage.

-And somehow, some way I need to find a way to explain what we’ve been though this summer. We all have difficult seasons. There must be some value in our trial that could be an encouragement to you. The trick will be passing it on without gossiping.

I love writing. We’ve even discussed the possibility of me returning to doing some freelance work for magazines. But even though I miss blogging like crazy, what I really miss is hearing from you. Every post relates to a different little pocket of people. And I miss getting your e-mails and comments and hearing what is going on in your life. So please hit reply and catch me up.

Until then, peace! I hope to talk at you again soon.

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  2. Sorry it has been such a rough time. Congratulations on the newest addition to the family!

    • eliciajohnson eliciajohnson

      Thank you!

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