Summer Busyness and a Hashtag To Get Us Through It

What are you up to these days? What is summer like for you? Is it time to fit in as much play as possible? As much work as possible? As much of both while the sun is shining?

Now that we’ve passed summer solstice, I feel like summer is ticking away. It kind of feels like the Pit And the Pendulum and I can already see the first hard freeze getting closer and closer. I know in time winter will strike again, with only the beauty of autumn to soften the blow. I legitimately want to know what each of you is up to, but since you’re here I’ll go first.

Even when not milking regularly, sometimes a girl just needs a glass of that goodness!

In a way, I’ve been slowing down. After a few minor health setbacks, it became clear that I should not run around trying to be three people at once. I wrote more about it here, but basically I’m not pushing quite so hard to be at every farmers market and trying to be okay with relying on others for a brief time which is difficult for me to do. We hardly have people over, I haven’t been putting out newsletters for farm goods and I let go of my (mostly hypothetical) strict weeding/fertilizing/milking schedule. The reality is, I never could have accomplished all that I set out to do while we build the house. After coming to terms with that, I’m doing the same amount of work (so not actually slowing down) but more effectively. By only attempting as many things as I can realistically accomplish, it removes the stress of a huge unfinished list (hence the illusion of slowing down). 

Honestly, it’s been amazing and I’ve gotten some great perspective and vision for the future. I had always felt like I needed to market a lot in order to grow our little farm network. But even after I stepped back and stopped trying so hard, people have been calling for eggs, flowers and herbs. It’s so encouraging!

Dark contrasting market bouquet with alchemilla mollis.

So mostly, we’ve been focusing on finishing our house. And I realized that’s okay! The farm can grow in the future. For now, we want our place to stop feeling/looking like a construction site. Mostly I want the giant semi trailer holding all of our things gone – such an eyesore! Seriously, you can see it on the adorable video of my chickens below. (Which I have to share because these girls are hilarious!)


Also, I’m moving purposefully. I have a friend and neighbor who is an amazing yoga instructor. She included me in a project for people who work (hard) focusing on using our bodies healthily as we work. Healthy movement requires me to move intentionally. At first it’s slower but the results are always better for my body and more effective in the long run. I’m so thankful to be trying this out. I can’t tell you much I needed it!

And as always, I’m dreaming away. While I’m working on feeling content with our current stage of life, I’ll never stop imagining what the future might hold. Deitrich Bonhoeffer said that God hates dreaming. I totally disagree. It’s who I am. I think some of us are here to provide ideas, possibilities and draw others further into beauty. So while I shove insulation into the studs of my house, I think about the possibilities of raising meat, growing greens for restaurants, collecting handmade pottery for my soon-to-be kitchen and delivering flowers in a couple more towns. We’ll see, but it keeps me going for now.

Lastly, I cannot live without hunting out beautiful things. Have you ever stopped to really look at the grass? Seriously! I’ve driven by these a dozen times in the last week. I didn’t notice them until I took a walk with a couple of my kiddos. So beautiful! It’s just grass, but I was struck by the purple! 

Gorgeous purple grass.

So I want to challenge you to do something similar. How could you slow down, take a walk, go for a ride somewhere new and find something beautiful. It’s those little things that can keep us going. When we drove the same streets, look at the same walls and race the clock to get it all done every day it drains us. I truly believe find and creating beauty in our lives refreshes our weary souls! 

Even Nic loves it when I put alfalfa in a vase on the table. If you take time to look at the all of the colors of alfalfa blossoms you’ll find it’s a really pretty plant! So while I’m here finding gorgeousness in a pasture, you’re finding it somewhere completely different. Why don’t we share?

Share your summer stuff and share your photos on instagram with the hashtag #beautyintheeveryday so we can enjoy each other’s inspiration. I’ll start by posting my grass šŸ™‚ Follow me (@plaineliciajane) and I’ll follow you back! I hope you’re having a great week. 


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