Return of the Reading Stack

Let’s talk books friends. At my previous blog, I used to share what I was reading regularly. That blog, Finding Engedi, was very much like a personal journal so I changed things up when we strarted this Hardda blog & website. 

But this week I realized that so much of what I process here with you guys stems from what I’m reading. So I might as well share!

Right now I’m reading:

  • The Art Of the Commonplace which is an amazing collection of Wendell Berry’s essays.
  • A Fine Romance by Susan Branch – total dessert book. Adorable watercolours and photos in a travel diary from the British Countryside. This totally got me through my rough week!
  • The Hands On Home – husband has been notified that this is a necessity.
  • Western Garden – because I must.
  • The Hope of the Gospel by George MacDonald (not pictured – iBook) Really enjoying some of his Univeralist Ideas.

I’ve actually finished a couple of these and started others. But I figured this a good start. I’ll save the others for next time. 

I’m dying to hear what you’re reading! Comment below; pictures would be lovely! Do any of these sound interesting to you? Let’s chat!

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