Fresh Life In the Mud Hole

I had a clean “house” this morning. By house, of course I mean the 16 foot camper I live in with my family of five while we finish our actual house. Also, by we I mean mostly my very hardworking husband.  

Mud (I hope) on the camper wall. Not so welcome signs of Spring.

Now there’s mud everywhere, a sink full of dishes and load and a half of laundry that I don’t even have a place for. Also, my toddler peed her pants in the “dining room” so I now I have wet clothes and a wet cushion cover to take care of. Add to it the seasonal annoyances of farm life and I’m pretty well done with this day. 

And then I see this…

Apple blossom, peony double tulip and grape hyacinth flowers in small bud vase.

…A breath of fresh air. I am so thankful for the return of fresh beauty. Bringing flowers in somehow makes it all ok. Not great. Not even good. But it’ll be ok. 

Today wasn’t terrible or even bad. And these remind me that the sun will rise again. I mean, supposedly the sun rises behind those rain clouds somewhere.

Also on the plus side, this drenching rain that has turned this construction site in which I live into a football field sized mud puddle is encouraging the tulips to grow. So hopefully they grow from “adorably useless”-short to “if I’m really creative maybe I can sell these to one of my very loyal clients”-short.

Peony flowered double tulips.
You can do it! Grow!

What’s sprouting in your garden/hood? I’d love to see photos! Tag us on social media and show us what’s around to cheer you! We want to see the beauty in your everyday stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Life In the Mud Hole

  1. Yeah, some days can be totally like this. Had a few lately. Having a friend around for a visit if possible to give the kids someone new can be helpful. We’ve been packing to move house and just having someone come round and help really helped us even to just have better attitudes.

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