Pups & People; Lost & Found

I lost my dog this weekend and I honestly thought I’d never see him again.

It’s amazing how it changed everything. All of a sudden I was grumpy about everything. I know he’s not a child. But we do love him and he’s vital to our homestead.

Baby Bjorn & Baby Adriel – look at all of those pinchable cheeks!

I didn’t sleep.

I didn’t want to do anything.

Everything was hopeless.

I was looking out the window between every page of every book. I drove and called and posted hoping one avenue or another would cross his path; hoping that he wasn’t stolen forever.

Tomorrow is Easter, Resurrection Sunday, Spring festivities of all sorts. And I was kind of thinking it was befitting the occasion to reflect. I was thinking how many times I’ve been lost.

I’ve been turned around on a trail or in a car and pleaded that the next turn would shed some hope. When you see a familiar meadow or the correct exit coming up, that feeling of foundness is comforting beyond description right?

I’ve lost my heart to hopelessness and despair. Only to have it found by loving individuals with more grace than I can imagine. Have you ever lost sight of hope?

There was the revelation as a young child I realized that I needed “Salvation” in that old school Baptist church in Alaska. I did know for sure that I was not all that I needed. I needed a perfect God.

But then there was the realization that I was lost in jargon and positions that different church groups had been ingraining in my brain my entire life. And then I was found. Like the first blurry blinks of a blind man receiving sight for the first time, I vaguely saw that there was so much more than salvation from eternal damnation.



There is Someone bigger, infinitely beautiful and perfectly loving that I could know and love in return. It’s a wonderful freedom when you start to think for yourself; while still recognizing that Truth is outside of yourself.

While I have more questions about the Bible than I ever have before, I feel exponentially more found. Because I don’t need anyone telling me what to believe;I know in whom I have believed.

I don’t know if you’re Muslim, Wiccan, Catholic, Christian, Mormon or something else. And frankly, I know there are differences between us all, but today I pay them little regard. Because I’m learning to trust someone bigger and more loving and soooo much more patient than I am who’s seeking and working and loving on us all.

Bjorn in the truck all safe and found!!

I’m reminded of how I looked for my lost pup, you know, only better. He watches at every opportunity. He asks if we’re ready to come home. And instead of scolding our already broken hearts, he wants to embrace us and prepare a feast.

Maybe you’re feasting this weekend. Maybe you’re dyeing eggs or doing some magic trick with a bun. Or maybe you’re just going to going sit around and veg.

It’s not that I don’t want us to be of the same mind this weekend; everyone wants people to agree with them when they think they’re right. But I also recognize we’re each a unique work in progress. I’ve written before about my desire to break down walls. I generally start by trying to find something we have in common.

So this Resurrection Sunday, can we humans all just join together and recognize our lost & foundness? Can you comment here or share this post on social media with your lost & found moment(s)?

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