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You’ll never believe this is gluten free bread!!

This week I made the best loaf of gluten free bread that I’ve ever made with conventional yeast.

If you’re committed to gluten free baking for you or someone you love, it’s worth the time and flour it takes to keep a sourdough starter going. The results are unbelievable.

In the meantime, here’s a flour combination you can try in your favorite recipe or follow my directions below.

Flour Mix: 

  • 1 part Rice Flour
  • 1 part Millet Flour
  • 2 parts Tapioca Flour (Starch)

Yup! That’s it! Totally doable! Two cups of flour makes one small loaf so I usually make a double batch for our family. 

Here’s a video a wiggly helper took for me when I was kneading dough this morning. Wondering why I’m always making a big deal about the kneading? Every GF bread recipe I tried for three years was like a batter that I poured into my bread pan – and that’s just wrong! This is what bread should feel like!


For two cups of flour I add about ¾ tsp xanthan gum to the dry ingredients. I use 2 heaping tsp of active dry yeast dissolved in ¾ cup water and 1Tbsp sugar or honey. It works best if the dough is just a tad bit too wet/sticky then sprinkle a little rice flour as you begin to knead until it becomes easy to work with like the video. 

Do you have a favorite flour mix? Are you pleased with your baked goods? Let’s refuse to settle for so-so bread!  Comment your questions and advice!

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