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Dear Christians Boycotting Disney Over Beauty And The Beast

I’m just wondering why. Why exactly are you ranting and raving and refusing to give them your money? 

“Because it’s wrong!” You might say.

“How could you, a Christian, ask me that?!” You wonder.

Or maybe, “I refuse to expose my children to that sinfulness.

But I just have to wonder, why aren’t you boycotting the farms that pour so many chemicals on their orchards that their employees’ shoes would dissolve right on their feet?

Why aren’t you boycotting the companies that provide you with goods so cheaply that the person who made it can barely afford their dinner?

Why aren’t you boycotting the super bowl, the worlds largest sex trafficking event? 

Why are you comfortable exposing your children to gluttony and pompous self-righteousness but not homosexuality?

I mean, I’m with you. I agree that there is so much wrong with this world we live in. Need proof? Presidential election 2017.

So why this? Why this homosexual character? Disney has been including unbiblical ideas & characters consistently since I was a wee lass.

Why is this issue so big for you guys? 

I don’t ask this to point fingers. I ask because I’m concerned. I ask because I feel like you might be missing out. Before you sign the dotted line on that boycott pledge, hear me out and maybe we can all benefit a little. 

Everytime something “new” (nothing new under the sun, right?) comes out, pardon my pun, you have several beautiful opportunities. 

Firstly, you’re missing out on a type of discipleship relationship with your children that is drastically more beautiful than teaching them to protest. You have an opportunity to teach them why you believe what you do. And the sooner you challenge them regarding what they believe and why the better.  

If you want them to except what you believe as truth without question, then you’re asking them to live on your faith and not their own. And this is of no eternal value. Not letting them choose what they believe is the same asking them not to have faith in God; it’s asking them to have faith in you.

My husband and I have worked with teenagers since we were teenage newlyweds ourselves. The number one issue we see in church kids is a propensity to have a prepared Sunday School answer for everything and no clue why it’s right. 

Ask your child not to explicitly trust what you say, but to figure out how you’re right and how you’re wrong, because faith in you is not faith in Jesus. 

Second, your family has an opportunity to better understand God’s heart. Can you ever recall God in any of his Trinitarian forms going to the culture, the gentiles or the world and saying, “Hey darkness! Stop acting so dark and start pretending you’re light?”

The fact is, we were all enemies of God. And God loves, seeks, died and rose for every one of us. For the gay couple down the street, for the transgender person whose gender you don’t know how to describe and for the activists who chose to portray LeFou as gay.

God came and met us as we were. Do we really think we know a better way to further his Kingdom than he does? Because that’s how we’re acting. And that’s a sin problem folks. Please, show the next generation that there are people that are very different from us and like Jesus did, we should seek them out and show them kindness. Believe me, many are already wondering if we’re legit, suspicious because of our actions towards those outside of the church.

Which leads me to another wonderful thing you’re missing out on: relationships. There are a lot of funny, smart and very enjoyable people out there that you’re missing out on because they’re so different from you. 100% money back, satisfaction guaranteed, you will be a richer person when you diversify your friends.

So I guess what I’m saying is:

Christians, please stop demanding that the world not act like the world.

Non-Christians, please forgive us for doing so.

Everyone, let’s all stop boycotting everything. 

We do not have agree in order to be kind and considerate. 

If you choose not to go see Beauty and the Beast, that’s ok. And even if you choose not to purchase it when it comes out, fine. But don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunities that it’s release affords you to be real (gracious) with your children, your neighbors, your co-workers and the GLBT people around you.


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  1. Michelle Michelle

    I’m not impressed with this article. Why? My impression is that it makes a lot of assumptions about christians and waters down Christianity. It assumes that people ARE’NT doing things when in reality I know a lot of christians that are active and proactive involved with some of the things mentioned. It assumes Christians are sinning by one persons opinion. I could quote a few scriptures otherwise. It also assumes that Christians should be more loving and open. I can love people all day long and still take a stance to disagree and why. Jesus threw the money changers out and called them snakes and vipers. He didn’t just sit back humbly and do nothing. Especially In this day and age, sitting passively by and doing nothing isn’t always the best answer. There have been results from boycotts. They have sent strong messages that people aren’t going to just sit back and “let you do whatever you want to influence my children and it’s okay.” And i am not forcing my values on a child. I am teaching my child values. How that child assimilates it will be their choice Ultimately. And we are not enemies of God. If we have a relationship with God we are anything “but” enemies. He is our Father. Are u enemies with your natural father? Why would you be enemies with God? Who is an enemy of Gods is satan and sin. That is what God hates. He doesn’t hate people. Heartfelt Forgiveness,
    Repentance, that all brings us back to Him. We are around diverse people at work, at school, in our organizations and everywhere. It would be crazy to think there are not opportunities to befriend lots of different people. But don’t expect me to agree with what you are doing if it’s something I have strong feelings about otherwise.

    • eliciajohnson eliciajohnson

      I think you have misunderstood me because I agree with much of what you said. You also assume much when you accuse me of making assumptions. But the reality is that there are Christians who needed this edification, myself included. My intention was to address those who are acting or tempted to act in an unChristlike manner in this situation specifically. Jesus was quite harsh with those at the temple and the church people of the day. Those who were seen as bad, disgusting or sinful on the other hand he approached gently and yet righteously. I don’t intend to tell anyone whether or not they or their children should see the movie (which I hear is not that great anyway), I merely want to encourage us all to take our stance without forgetting the person on the other side of the issue. Some have a tendency to be “against” an issue while forgetting the people. If that’s not your struggle, then this letter was not addressed to you šŸ™‚ Lastly: Romans 5:10 “For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, so much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life.” Let’s praise our God of reconciliation who took us from enemies to sons that we don’t have to agree with each other to give grace.

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