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The Secret To Giving Grace

So it happened again. Your child misbehaved. Your husband messed up. Someone at church offended you. Someone at work gossiped about you.

Somebody is on your list.

People are frustrating. We’re frustrating. And when we go to our good ‘ole Sunday School answer, what are we supposed to do?

Just forgive. Give grace.

Just forgive! Just give grace! Right. As if it’s as simple as that when…

….your husband has looked at porn.

…your son gets an MIP.

…your feelings are crushed (and I mean b-r-o-k-e-n) by someone’s words.

How does one go about giving grace when an issue is no small thing?

You remember this. Or more accurately, you work (work hard, like dwarf in a jewel mine) at developing this perspective:

Their sin is between them and God.

By that I mean that it is a huge bummer that you were hurt in the process, but the only person allowed to ask for perfection is Jesus. And while your family members may fall big time and unfortunatly the church ladies may talk, you have the same problem.

As soon as you learn to stop viewing the battle as them against you, the sooner you can approach the throne of grace together.

This is life changing guys. For example, no matter how old your child is, it’s easy to look at them and think “Why are you doing this to me?” But imagine the difference if we stopped seeing ourselves as sinned against and started realizing we’re sinned with.

We’re all in this together.

I love how Page CXVI redoes Come Thou Fount with this repeating bridge:

I am bound for the Kingdom won’t you come with me.

Whether they’re saved or unsaved, you have the choice to take that person by the hand (literally or figuratively) to show them undeserved forgiveness and restore peace.

After all, isn’t that what God had done for you?

Note: I need to be clear that there are times in which a person abuses you and abuses grace and those situations are worthy of taking to church leadership. This post is not addressing those instances.

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