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The One Song You Need To Play To Turn Your Day Around

Today a bunch of stuff went wrong (like a bunch) and my six year old saved the day.

I try to make it a point to be real with you guys. I mean, when we edit and filter our lives until we only show people what looks good, it does no body any favors.

The reality is, life isn’t picture perfect. Most days, I sweep up a big pile of toys, books, socks and dirt at the end of the day on the middle of my living room. The point is to take care of it all so we have a fresh start in the morning. Buuuut, sometimes it gets cozy and spends the night.

Also, sometimes I lose my temper. I do the exact things I tell my toddlers not to do. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Micaiah has more self control at 6 years old than I do on any given period day.

Yes, I suck again. So when the day seems to be something like a series of unfortunate events, there’s only one thing to do. I’m supposed to say something wise and spiritual like, “Just pray.” But I have a tendency to not say what I’m supposed to and vice versa.

When I’m trying to get supper going and 817 people need my attention and I feel like I’m basically just chasing my tail, it’s Micaiah to the rescue. He presses the home button on my iPhone and says, “Hey Siri, play Most of It.”

We don’t have very many rules in our house. In fact, we’ve never declared any except this one.

When this particular song comes on, you must dance.

What?! Yes. Seriously.

Frustrated, broken, angry, other? This song starts out with a groovy beat and the words, “It’s alright.” I’m pretty sure it was made for this. It’s perfect for getting perspective and remembering to have joy, even when there are moments you don’t even want to have joy.

I dare you. Just try it. You don’t even have to tell children to dance. Just start moving and they are all over it like pigs on slop. Like our bull-calf and his tail. Like aphids on sweet peas. Ok, I’m done with the farm imagery.

Anyways,  I have to tell you that at the end of the song, life isn’t magically different. But you are. And if you give ’em your best robot (and moonwalk of course) everyone else in your house will be too. I’m only sharing because this has brought me from tears of frustration to tears of laughter in a quick minute. If it lifts even one spirit out there, it’s worth being a complete dork sometimes!

And yes… yes I do have some sweet moves. But you’ll never see them. I save the moonwalk for when Nic and his camera are gone! 😉  Shout out to Thankful Beast who gives us lyrics along with the song on YouTube:


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