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Six Fun Things To Do While You’re Waiting For Spring

Winter can be wonderful; the beauty of the first snow, the joy of the holiday season, the fun of winter sports. But eventually, enough is enough. Unless of course you’re an avid skier/boarder, then enough is never enough.

But as for the rest of us. Bring back some color, puh-lease! So when you’re done feeling cozy during the hygge season, here are a few ideas to ignite some hope for spring:

  1. Run or walk, with and without kiddos. This seems like a pretty generic response. but hear me out. Cool but not freezing weather is seriously perfect for running. Wear a few layers and you’re not too hot or too cold. But most enjoyable runs and best times have been in about 40° weather. I wear fleece lined leggings from Mountain Hardwear when it’s particularly chilly. I got them at a local outdoor store like 8 years ago and can’t seem to find them online anymore. But I also have some unlined Lolë leggings and they work well for spring and fall as well.

    Micaiah dissected an owl pellet today!
  2. Go on a Signs of Spring Treasure Hunt. Take a nature journal and colored pencils, a camera and a treasure basket. Go on very regular walks looking for green grass (even if you have to dig in snow) and trees budding. Look for insects and animals waking up. Draw, photograph and collect. You’ll have a better appreciation for the changing of the seasons than you ever have before! When Spring begins, you can party like a pagan! I think we can all benefit from seasonal celebrations regardless of a person’s religious position. I’m a lover of change and am thankful for each season and it’s wonders.

    A Valentine’s Day Tea Party
  3. Celebrate. Presidents’ Day, St Patrick’s day, April Fool’s, anyday; break up the monotony with a party! Or at least George Washington shaped pancakes, jokes or silly games. There is something to be said for making any day a fun day, especially (but not only) if you have kids.
  4. Gather. We all have to eat, clean, work etc. We might as well do it together. There is no better way to refresh a tired soul that to gather with people, especially those who are a little different then you are. I used to think the best thing for me was alone time (INFJ:) but a variety of delightful humans is the real cure, even for a grumpy introvert.
  5. Get ready for Spring! Build a cold frame. Rake once the snow melts. Start repairing things. If you have children, this is the perfect time to teach them how to wield a hammer, saw, paintbrush and other tools. Getting a head start means you don’t have to rush. Slow down and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with being a good steward. Help your children to develop a sense of honor and appreciation for what they have.

    Farm fresh food prepared together!
  6. Cook & bake together. Bake scones or cake and have a tea party. Make a dish from some far away place, somewhere warmer perhaps! Bonus: When my kids prepare their own foods, nine times out of ten they devour the things they would have normally turned their noses up at if I had made it.

Sometimes (as you can see) we put these into practice and find the wonder on the everyday. But it’s so easy to get into a rut of just doing the necessities and forget that any day can be a special one. Wherever you live, whatever the season, boredom can sneak up on you! What are you’re best ideas for enjoying the in-between times?

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