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House Update: Metal Roofing

I(Nic) have been waiting for a rather long cold snap to let go so that we can continue to build our house! We have been building it ourselves (with lots of help from friends and family) and would really like to document what we are getting to do.

This is partly for us to remember, but there were also parts of the build that I have never done before. The information I was looking for to help me was nowhere to be found!

So Ellie and I have started a YouTube channel to show and hopefully to help others with some of the information we could not find. Please take the time to watch one of our first videos as we are getting ready to put a roof on our house. And don’t forget to subscribe!


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  1. Debby Lawrence Debby Lawrence

    Love it!!!

  2. Tammy Tammy

    Great video!

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