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Are you doing anything for advent?

I struggle every year with the bulk of American Christmas traditions. Why are we doing them? What do they have to do with Jesus?

I want my kids to wake up Christmas morning with excitement that they know and worship the God who came down in humility to rescue them. Nothing else. Just Jesus.

I found this advent book a couple years ago and I’ve really enjoyed it. It helps our family to focus on the character of the God we’re following after.

Usually I hang up some kind of neat boxes or something to open. But alas, this year we have big changes on the horizon and it just wasn’t come together. (Note: Not to be read “we’re having another baby;” nice try though!)

So this year we’re doing a simple countdown with our wooden nativity puzzle (found on etsy). Everyday we move our wisemen and their lone camel up one rock on the path to Bethlehem. Then we sit down and read our advent story.

Strolling past the bug collection on the way to Bethlehem!

It’s not fancy shmancy, but it’s been quite enjoyable for us! Are you doing anything for advent?

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