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The Hygge Craze

It’s he-eeeere. Winter. It’s more than here, it’s here. So what’s a person to do?


Imagine walking in the front door. This is of course assuming you walked out the front door. If you’re an introvert and you tend to hole-up and hide all winter long, let’s pretend you’re just coming back from the bathroom.

Ok, so you walk into the main area of your house. It looks like some reality t.v. show has had their way with your home. But they didn’t put stupid colors on the wall or obnoxious prints on the couch. Instead, they made it cozy. So cozy in fact, that you don’t even care that it’s exactly 237 degrees below zero. You absolutely cannot resist the urge to brew a cup of tea, put in a dollop of raw local honey and read a book written at least 100 years ago.

This, my friend, is Hygge. It’s pronounced something like HOO-ga or HUE-ga. It’s mostly credited to the Danish, but it’s also Norwegian. In fact, there’s a word for it in a lot of languages…just not English. Lame! Here’s a link to a wikipedia article telling you about all the wonderful Hygge words in a bunch of different languages.

At the moment, Hygge is kind of a buzzword. It’s all over popular media. Huckberry even mentioned Hygge in their latest catalogue.

Enough already, how to we get us some Hygge?!

Here’s my list of the top 7 ways you can cozify (hyggify?) your home and make winter a smidgen (or more) bearable.

  • Slow down. You’ll never have time to enjoy your cozified house if you don’t spend some time there!

  • Lower the lights. I’m sure you’ve read it before. Light effects the body’s production of melatonin. Melatonin tells your brain that it’s night-night time. To much light = no happy sleepytime signals.

  • Candles. You can’t live in complete darkness. Use warm, natural lighting where it’s needed. Coffee and a novel by candle-light? Sign me up! It’s amazing how my children even chilled out when I used only candle light for a couple of mornings & evenings. Christmas lights are a decent alternative if candles are out of the question.

  • Nature. Bring the outside in. Bright colored spring flowers are beautiful, but they don’t exactly say “cozy”. Hang pine boughs, make arrangements out of Christmas tree trimmings or make decorations out of Juniper & other evergreens. Mistletoe, holly & ivy are all wonderful natural additions if you have access to them. If you’re looking for flowers, stick to white. Red is an option if you must have color.
Pups count as fluff too!
  • Fluff. Slippers, pillows and throw blankets (think handmade: knit, crochet, quilt) all cry out for you to snuggle. There’s no such thing as to many if tastefully displayed. I dare you to prove me wrong.

  • Unplug. Remember that one about light? If you don’t unplug, you’ll never know the true meaning of Hygge. Connect with a person, a book or even a pet. Just don’t connect to wi-fi. The occasional movie, however, is permitted in my book.

  • Warm Beverages. Tea, coffee, cocoa. You could even make some eggnog.

Are you starting to get the idea? Share a quiet evening with someone you love, get to know someone better or have a quiet evening alone. There are a few flavors to hygge. The point is: get cozy, and enjoy slowing down this winter. How do you Hygge?!


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